How to find the perfect fit STEM scholarship

If you are interested in a STEM career and need help paying for college, STEM scholarships are available in all the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Competition for nationally recognized scholarships can sometimes rival the competition to get into competitive colleges, so it’s good to be thinking ahead.

Here are some FAQs to help you get started with your search, along with a few specific scholarship search results within each category.

Do you apply the same scholarship search strategy when searching for STEM scholarships as others?

Yes. Any scholarship search should be all-inclusive: searching both online, with your high school counselor, and locally. If you are a STEM student, however, local scholarships should be your top priority. Local scholarships have fewer applicants, and many times these scholarships go unclaimed; but it will require some digging at the library, reading the local news site and watching local news telecasts. Most communities have companies that hire STEM graduates and offer scholarships but only advertise them locally.

After searching locally, where is the best place to continue my STEM scholarship search?

Start with a simple Internet search for “STEM scholarships,” or narrow it down into a specific category: for example, engineering scholarships. It’s also possible to add specifics about your race, gender or other demongraphic information to narrow your search. A simple search for various STEM scholarships will provide you with lists like these: Engineering Scholarships-A Giant List; Math Scholarship Resources, Science Scholarships and 50 Amazing Computer Science Scholarships.

You can also use scholarship search engines like MyScholly, where you can enter your specific major, along with other relevant information, and get matched with scholarships.

Other than doing a basic topical Internet search, where else can I search for STEM scholarships?

You can find STEM scholarships by searching the companies that employ graduates within your specific area of interest. Microsoft, for instance, offers numerous scholarships for students majoring in engineering, science or technology, along with race- and gender-specific scholarships such as this one: Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships.

You can also search STEM-affiliated organizations that provide scholarship opportunities. You can find these at your local library at the reference desk, or go to Wikipedia, which provides lists such as these: List of Engineering Societies and List of Scientific Societies. Get the URLs, then search the organization websites for scholarships.

How do you find companies that offer scholarships?

If you are interested in a career in STEM, you most likely have heard of companies that hire STEM graduates. Search for scholarships by using popular employment websites. You can type a job opening and look at the companies that are hiring graduates with specific majors. You can also use sites like GlassDoor or LinkedIn to search for them. To get you started, check out this list from Forbes magazine. Once you find the companies, go to their websites and look for scholarship opportunities.

Do colleges offer scholarships in these specific majors?

Colleges often offer STEM scholarships specific to each academic department. Search each department within the college website for scholarship opportunities. When visiting the college, you should also visit the financial aid office and inquire about scholarships in the major that interests you. College staff will be able to provide you with information related to each scholarship along with scholarship guidelines.

Can I find STEM scholarships on social media sites?

Yes. You can use social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to search for STEM scholarships. Start with the college pages on these sites and accounts related to your career majors; follow them to stay abreast of any scholarship postings. You can also do a search on each of these sites using “STEM scholarships” in the search box.

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01 Jun 2017