Why are you interested in STEM?
I am interested in STEM and STEM fields because I have always had a strange fascination with science. All fields of science are amazing and full of so many possibilities and doors yet to be opened.

How did you choose Montana Tech's MINES Summer Camp?
I found out about the MINES camp online while doing research and was immediately interested. I applied as soon as I could, but I was afraid I wouldn't be accepted. This program seemed so amazing and I was sure there were other people more qualified than I was. But I was so happy when I was accepted!

What did you learn in the program? What was your favorite part?
The program was just as amazing as I had expected. I learned and experienced so much, from water testing and the organ structure of fish to the mechanics of mining and petroleum engineering. My favorite part by far was the trip to the hospital where we witnessed and participated in an Emergency First Response drill. I loved being able to try on the hazmat suit myself!

How has STEM in general and this STEM program shaped your future?
MINES Summer Camp has shown me that women are just as capable, if not more capable, of succeeding as a scientist or engineer. This camp has given me the courage I need to pursue my dreams.

What would you tell another teen who is interested in pursuing STEM as a college major or career path?
I would tell anyone else interested in pursuing a STEM major to go for it! STEM fields are full of possibility and promise. There is still so much that needs to be discovered and created. And it is our scientists and engineers in STEM fields that are going to change the world.