Caroline Gschwend an 18-year-old high school senior from Arkansas, discovered the creative power of tech last year when she attended the iD Coding & Engineering Academy held at Stanford University.

Now Caroline sees infinite potential in technology. After creating her first app with iD Tech, she was inspired to keep designing and coding her own mobile applications. She recently entered one of her apps in the Congressional App Challenge — and won for her district.

How did iD Tech affect your experience with technology?

“My time at iD Tech strengthened my general knowledge of computing, my confidence in my skills, and my vision for my future in technology. I learned how to create fully functioning iOS applications, as well as time management and productive workflow.

I love how creative technology allows anyone to be. There is so much room to express oneself while innovating the field or improving lives.”

What was your favorite memory from iD Tech?

“One of my favorite memories at camp was our field trips to San Francisco and Facebook headquarters. The whole camp rode a train from Stanford to San Francisco for the day. We saw a movie, explored the city in small groups, and went shopping in the malls. At Facebook, we received a guided tour through the main campus, saw the Facebook offices, and participated in a Q&A with Facebook employees.”

What advice would you give to students who are attending iD Tech for the first time?

“Have plenty of fun, make friends, take breaks, enjoy campus, all while keeping your focus on the course. The curriculum is fantastic and instructors are always eager to help students succeed and exceed past expectations. The skills taught at camp are valuable and relevant to answering society’s problems, expanding reality, and creating the future.

I would advise any young person to diversify your field of interest: Find something new to experiment with such as computing, music, or drawing. Find a passion for a particular field and develop related skills. Embrace your differences, for they are what individualize you.”