Posts in College

Maddie Fain: Indiana University Bloomington

October 12, 2017

Why did you choose to participate in a STEM program? ... (more)

Drew Johnson: Northwest Nazarene University

July 05, 2017

What drew you to a STEM major in college? One of the main things that interests me about STEM is the variety and uniqueness of work that is encompassed. STEM covers s... (more)

Daniel Carpenter: University of Advanced Technology

June 30, 2017

Leaving Portland, Oregon to take a tour of University of Advancing Technology (UAT) proved to be the best decision I've ever made. UAT doesn’t just give you the education, but the knowled... (more)

Brittany Richards: Alfred State -- SUNY, College of Technology

June 30, 2017

1. What attracted you to the STEM program you are enrolled in at Alfred State – SUNY College of Technology? I came for a... (more)

Andrew, Tyler and Antonia: West Virginia University

June 30, 2017

Physics majors Andrew Shaw, Tyler Matheny and Antonia Orsini looked to the skies and made an exciting discovery — s... (more)

Katherine Lau: Rutgers School of Engineering

June 30, 2017

What first interested you about STEM? When I was younger I found that science and math always came easy to me – it made sense and it was interesting. It seemed... (more)

Brittany Vitkovich: Milwaukee School of Engineering

June 30, 2017

As a senior reflecting back on her time at Milwaukee School of Engineering, Brittany Vitkovich can easily say choosing t... (more)

Heather Skovgard: Northwest Nazarene University

June 30, 2017

What drew you to a STEM major at Northwest Nazarene University? The high school I attended had a S... (more)