What attracted you to the MINES camp at Montana Tech? 

I really enjoyed my time at MINES. I am interested in STEM because I am interested in science-related topics, specifically health care. I got involved in the MINES summer program through my counselor. My sister and I found out about the program through her and were very excited about it after we read about it online.

What did you enjoy most about the program? 

I learned in the program about basic aerodynamics and mining. My favorite part was building and launching my own rocket! I also really enjoyed going down into the mine and being able to set off an explosive.

What STEM career most interests you?

STEM is a very interesting and diverse topic that I know I can see myself pursuing a future in. The amount of women in STEM related fields is very low and I believe that we can change that by getting more girls and women interested in STEM careers at a young age.

Do you have advice for other teens interested in STEM? 

I would tell any teen that is interested in pursuing a STEM major or career that it is very diverse and that you can definitely find something that you love. I am so honored that I got to participate in a great program like MINES. It opened me up to new STEM topics and helped me meet so many new people. I have also started working on my Gold Award – the highest award a Girl Scout can earn.