Why are you interested in STEM?
I have always been fascinated by all things STEM, whether I intend to pursue them within a career or not. While my focus for a long while was on medicine, that focus has changed as I have started a business. Through my experiences learning within science and math related fields, I have been able to carry that on to my business in ways that have and will continue to help the business excel.

“The experiences you receive while studying STEM will influence every aspect of your life.”

How did you get involved with the MINES Summer Camp?
In South West Wyoming, the mines are a big part of our lives. I have always wondered what really goes on behind the scenes. While that initially caught my attention, after looking over the schedule for the week, my excitement continued to grow! From meeting new people all around the country to all the fun activities that took place during the week, I was sure I wanted to take part in this.

What did you learn in the program? What was your favorite part?
The time that we spent at the hospital was by far my favorite experience! Having Life Flight fly in was incredible and being able to talk to the pilots and the on-board EMTs was phenomenal!

How has STEM in general and this STEM program shaped your future?
As I mentioned before with the business, STEM has already had an incredible impact on my life! While I don't intend to study within the traditional STEM fields, I will be using my experience from these areas on a daily basis.

What would you tell another teen who is interested in possibly pursuing a STEM major or career?
Go for it! The options are limitless! The experiences you receive while studying STEM will influence every aspect of your life. It doesn't matter who you are outside of STEM, you have the same opportunity as anyone else to truly excel within these fields.